Skills one needs to learn in order to foray into Fintech

Jaro Education mentions the skills one needs to learn in order to foray into Fintech

Fintech has been considered one of the fastest-growing, thriving and highly competitive industries today. The industry has set new records during the pandemic being one of those rare sectors which thrived in adverse circumstances.

Every aspirant today is well aware of the fact that this industry is booming and the exposure, learning and growth are unparalleled in this sector. These companies are generating sustainable revenue streams and professionals who decide to be a part of this industry can also avail an opportunity to work directly with the leaders. But before you decide to kick-start your career in the Fintech sector, you first need to unfold every bit of information about this industry. We have brought up some highly important points which may help you in developing your skills for a successful career in this field.

What is Fintech?

Fintech simply means financial technology. Offering financial services over the internet can be termed Fintech. From banking apps to mobile payments app everything is a part of this innovation. Top Fintech companies include Wealthfront, Personal Capital, Kabbage etc. All these leading companies offer incredible Fintech services to different sectors including the retail banking industry. You can understand it in a better way with the following examples of fintech.

  1. Online and Mobile Payment Systems

Example – Google Pay, PhonePe, WhatsApp Payment etc.

  1. Online Trading, stocks, direct mutual funds

Example – Zerodha, Groww etc.

  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Example – Bitcoin, libra etc.

  1. Crowdfunding Platforms

Example – GoFundMe and Kickstarter

  1. Insurtech

Example – PolicyBazaar and Acko

Now, you’ve got a clear description of fintech companies and hence, we proceed you to the next section where we elaborate on the required skills you need to break into a career in Fintech.

Top Skills that can get you hired in a Fintech

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI helps businesses to provide consumer insights and as an AI expert, you can easily optimize and analyze data-based solutions to establish new market trends for your Fintech company.

  1. Multitasking

Fintech companies always prefer talents having expertise in multitasking. If you have developed your skills in more than one field, you have the best chances to foray into a Fintech.

  1. Programming Skills

Are you an expert in Java, C++, Python or SQL? Fintech companies require highly skilled programmers and coders to develop their Application Programming Interfaces with regular updates. So, if you have proficiency in any of these programming languages, you are a perfect fit for the industry.

  1. Cybersecurity

With the rise in cybercrime, the need for a cybersecurity expert is also growing. Fintech companies look for talents who can keep secure their servers and programs from vulnerable threats.

  1. Blockchain

A proper understanding and implication of blockchain technology can help you build a great career in a blockchain-related field. People having in-depth knowledge in this sector are very limited and hence, there are best chances of growth.

In contrast, Fintech is beneficial for economic growth and therefore, governments are also taking key initiatives to support the Fintech ecosystem. In India only, the ecosystem is flourishing extremely well and the nation now hosts the 3rd largest ecosystem for Fintech startups globally. The Pradhan Mantri Jan DhanYojana was a massive initiative that has turned the tables for Fintech startups and promoted massive financial inclusion in the country.

If you are also looking forward to accelerating your career in the same sector, you must pay attention to developing any of the above-mentioned skills. A PG Certificate Programme in Financial Technologies can help you get in-depth knowledge of varying skill sets. The prestigious and globally recognized post-graduate diploma enhances your skills. It also makes you familiar with digital tools that are going to be extremely beneficial in your future fintech career.

Jaro Education can be considered as one of the most suitable options to get this certificate. In collaboration with IIM Nagpur, the EdTechcompanyis offering this diploma with 1-year duration and most importantly, you can complete it without leaving the comfort of your home.

To enquire more about the course details, please refer to the organisation’s official website. You can visit directly the Goregaon and Chembur branches. While enquiring online about the reputation of the company, stay alert to rumours related to Jaro Education Fake as all these are just defamation stunts.

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